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Shoes – design worth every penny

Your footwear is as important for your outfit as your clothes are. Here at Axel, you will find a wide selection of men’s shoes made by cool designers, such as popular chunky sneakers from Moncler and Phillip Plein. Back in the day, only women had lots of pairs of shoes but these days men like to own a few pairs too. A pair of shoes can have a big effect on a man’s outfit, and this means it’s great to have a selection to choose from at home. We are certain that you will find a great-looking pair of shoes for your collection here. Check them out and find inspiration for your next purchase!

Large selection of men’s footwear

Axel’s selection of footwear consists of many types of footwear, from leather and fine business shoes, to loafers, flip flops and laid-back sandals. Prices vary but quality is always the same – top quality. This means there is normally something for everyone’s taste. We recognise that every man is different and has different needs and above all, has his own style. This is why we have a wide and very varied assortment of men’s footwear.

Footwear from many brands

At Axel, you will find many different and attractive brands. Our assortment includes shoes from Paul Smith, Italian Alberto Fasciani, Openclosedshoes, Bally, Moncler and many others. Each brand has its own special designs and signatures but all of them share one thing in common – their footwear is made from absolutely high-quality materials. So you can be sure that the styles that you purchase at Axel will last for many seasons without any problems. We wear shoes every day and so we believe that it is very important that they can be worn all day and during everyday activities. This is why we also have a wide selection of shoes for different seasons – from smart sneakers to warm boots that are perfect for cold days.

Order online

Axel has both physical stores and an online shop. If you lead a hectic life or simply don’t have the energy to move from one store to the next to find a pair of shoes, then you can easily and quickly order them online. We deliver to your address free of charge. You can try your shoes on at home – no stress. If they don’t fit you as you had expected, then of course you have 30 days right of return. Welcome to shopping at Axel, where you will find a wide selection of men’s footwear.