Black Friday

Axel invites you to the Black Friday party

Make sure your calendar is free on 27 November 2020 when Axel holds a huge special offers party. You will be blown away by our impressive Black Friday special offers. We know that everyone loves getting a bargain. The adrenalin kick you get after purchasing the perfect, long-sought-after item of clothing – and at a bargain too. With all of the Black Friday special offers at, you won’t have to look for long. The last Friday in November will be a special-offer paradise because at we will serve a beautiful cocktail of classic brands and huge discounts. It almost sound dangerous – but don’t worry. Despite the name Black Friday, it’s all going to be peachy. It will be a great party, where Axel will spoil you as a customer with way-too-early Christmas presents – so hurry up and grab that bargain before your friends get there first!

An event that has become a genuine tradition

This special offers day takes place on the last Friday in November and stores in Denmark and all over the world will participate. Black Friday is a well-known tradition in the USA that has become established in Denmark in recent years. When we open the doors to Black Friday at with amazing fashionwear bargains, it is thanks to a decades-long tradition that has developed in the USA, where Americans shop on the world-famous sales day after Thanksgiving Day. There are different theories explaining the origins of Black Friday. One theory is that Americans took the day off on the Friday after Thanksgiving and used it to shop en masse, so that the cities were “black” with people and traffic. Another theory is that the day marks a turning point for some stores, where the bottom line turns from red to black. Whatever the name means, one thing is clear: The tradition is here to stay.

Black Friday menswear is not just black

What is the new black next season? Black is a timeless colour that can be combined with almost anything. But good style is not necessarily black on Black Friday – it is just amazingly inexpensive, and of the same excellent quality as always at Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA and in Denmark too. In 2014, there were 4.5 million Dankort transactions across Denmark – the highest ever. And it looks like we will see the same level or even greater purchasing activity in 2020. There are lots of great reasons for purchasing menswear on Black Friday. Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to do your Christmas shopping early. It takes place at the end of November, which means it is ideal for getting some Christmas shopping in early, and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush in December.

Purchase clothes on-line at on Black Friday

At, we are really looking forward to welcoming you on Black Friday. You will be blown away by our unique offers this year. We guarantee that you will find some great items that you won’t believe are so good – both in quality and price. Price is the only thing that will be lower. The level of quality and craftsmanship will be as high as ever. The items are the same – so it will be a true brand bonanza. Don’t black out on Black Friday. Make sure you visit
Black Friday